MET AD 648

Dear classmates,

Welcome to my blog! As you may see, I created this blog years ago and stopped using it. I have been in the creative marketing field for a little over 10 years now and have experienced the drastic changes the industry has undergone —from the use of Flash websites to HTML5, static to dynamic and blogs to social media and lately mobile. It is all so exciting to see how the world connects in this thing called “internet”.

I will see you all in class! Please visit my creative portfolio for a preview of some of my recent work at

Thanks and cheers to a good semester! 🙂


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11 responses to “MET AD 648

  • Roman

    Hey Karim, You are 100% right, Mobile is growing fast, which is why we suggest responsive web design to all our new clients. I also have 10 years of marketing experience, but most of it is in event-based experiential marketing. I recently(2 years ago) got involved in digital and creative because event marketing is slowing down as social media moves up in rank and budget priority. Your creative work looks great.

  • mkg72384

    Hi Karim!
    I really like that you have an existing blog. It shows you were interested in blogging long before this class. I love your portfolio as well. Looking forward to learning from people like you in this class!
    Mary Kate

  • twofacetedcoin

    Karim, enjoyed your portfolio. The pictures from Mexico in particular… if ever there were proof that a picture speaks a thousand words, that is it. Thanks for sharing -Mike

  • Steve Coppola

    Hi Karim,

    It is obvious that you are no novice. I enjoyed perusing through your material. Your philanthropy posts about giving back to less fortunate children has inspired me.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work!

    – Steve

  • abarlond

    Hi Karim,
    Glad to be working with you in the course! Seems like you have quite the experience in blogging and your portfolio showcases your artistic side on digital design and photography. It shows how a blogger can incorporate their passion and work into one source! Amazing pictures in your portfolio! Looking forward to exploring your portfolio further!

  • Ray


    I really enjoyed your blog and I find your interests in creative marketing fascinating. I hope you can give me some pointers in HTML5 and Flash to create websites. While I am still a beginner in web design, I would like to hone in on the media to attract viewers. I noticed that many websites are increasingly using these two tools to create effective marketing strategies to attract customers. I hope you can help me during the duration of our class and again, welcome to the class!

    Ray Ahn

  • aeduncan


    The blog looks great. You definitely hit the nail on the head with the reference to past, present, and future of how individuals use the internet. I personally do everything on my IPhone so if the technology isn’t compatible, the business has lost me as a customer. Thanks for sharing


  • getpuggedup

    It’s cool that you have an existing blog with which to build on. I sort of have an existing blog but nothing like what you have… mine is so low level and basically just nothing but fun. Hopefully by the end of this class I have something that is worthy of generating some serious traffic. You have amazing artwork and I just have a collage of cute pugs! Nonetheless, please check out my site when you have a chance!


  • stevecg08

    Karim, Your portfolio was filled with really impressive works. the portraits were striking, but honestly I liked the logos the best. It’s amazing how a logo of a growing company can become so commonplace and it would be special to be a part of that. It’s crazy to think of where web connectivity will go in the next 5 years.

  • chatterjeep285

    I have 5 years of marketing experience, and I can tell that you have a lot. I liked how you mentioned all the topics of the blog in the site description. It’s good to have you in this class.

  • enriquelentz

    Reblogged this on UAT and commented:
    Muy bien espero y sigas creando más blogs para seguirlos

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