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Art Project, powered by Google!

I cannot deny my love for Google, especially when they do things that are unique and satisfying for us, art lovers.

Check out their new featured page called “Art Project” and find artwork from around the world’s best museums… you can zoom and even create your own gallery.

Here’s the link: http://www.googleartproject.com/

CHEERS to Google and their contribution in helping the world become a more “sytlized” place to live in. I love you Google! 🙂

Karim Alvizo

Work with good clients! :)

The quest for good customers starts early on. It starts with deciding who your ideal customer is. Different companies have different ideals and cultures, and a variety of parameters are important for making this decision.

Here are the parameters to consider:

  • Size
    What sizes are the companies you have enjoyed working with? Do you prefer to work with small family businesses or large corporations?
  • Budget
    What is your minimum project budget? Will you take on a project with a tight budget if the customer is strategic?
  • Payment schedule
    Would you agree to receiving the full payment at the end of the project? If not, what’s the minimum up front that you require? This is often a pain point for small businesses and freelancers, and I strongly recommend following a harsh rule here with no exceptions.
  • Technical knowledge
    Are you willing to work with a customer who has minimal technical knowledge? How might this affect the outcome of the project?
  • Project dynamics
    Are you looking for a customer who will just give you the requirements and then wait for the deliverables, or would you prefer a more engaged client? On projects in which you collaborated with the client daily, were the results better or worse than those of projects with less interaction?
  • Length of relationship
    Are you interested in one-time gigs or a long-term working relationship? If you are thinking long term, estimate whether a particular customer would have enough projects to sustain that.
  • Personality fit
    What kind of people do you like to work with? Check with other companies that have worked with your prospective customer to find out whether there were any personality clashes during their projects.

Rest of article: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/01/14/how-to-identify-good-clients-avoid-bad-ones/

Karim Alvizo


Mexican Band CD Cover Design

in the talks to design a famous Mexican Band’s CD Cover & Art Work 🙂

Computer & Brain… connect?

sometimes I wish my brain was connected with the computer… :X

Making the Wheel Fly!

“I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel… I’m just trying to make it FLY!!!!”- Karim’s Widest Words

Fatal Love

http://www.synergu.com + http://rey-portfolio.com/ = “Fatal Love” our 3rd and biggest collaboration ever! Get ready… 🙂 by: Karim Alvizo & Rey Hernández

Fatal Love Possible Locations

let the lion roar… I run my show! “Fatal Love” Photography in planning stage. Locations Chosen: NM, NY, TX, CA. Coming on 2011. 🙂

Mexican Independence Day… working

best way to celebrate Mexico’s Independence is by working really late. It represents loyalty, success, and effort. 🙂 ¡¡¡VIVA MEXICO!!!

Google Instant

Google Instant! Pretty amazing stuff… 🙂 Try it out. http://www.google.com/instant/

4WARD Photoshoot

GLAMOUR PHOTOSHOOT at 4WARD Marketing! YaY! We’re going to have lots of fun… hehe.
Like Us: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=1030#!/pages/4WARD-Marketing/117016745001625?ref=ts