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Computer & Brain… connect?

sometimes I wish my brain was connected with the computer… :X

Making the Wheel Fly!

“I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel… I’m just trying to make it FLY!!!!”- Karim’s Widest Words

Mexican Independence Day… working

best way to celebrate Mexico’s Independence is by working really late. It represents loyalty, success, and effort. 🙂 ¡¡¡VIVA MEXICO!!!

Google Instant

Google Instant! Pretty amazing stuff… 🙂 Try it out. http://www.google.com/instant/

4WARD Photoshoot

GLAMOUR PHOTOSHOOT at 4WARD Marketing! YaY! We’re going to have lots of fun… hehe.
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Catastrophic Creation

“I’ve been condemned to be good at many things… fortunately can’t do them all at once; otherwise I would be a catastrophic invention.”– Karim’s Wise Words